Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Show me the way...

When first I saw my result...
Band 3!!!
I felt like crying..I felt horrible for fate that I'm going to face in the future..
Then I remembered that I had listed prays for my parents read it at Mecca during their pilgrimage, and one of them was " Oh Allah, please, please and please give me and my friends a band4 result for our MUET so that we all can enter SMSU together and be a good lawyer.."
Then, before I saw my result I called my mum and she said confidently..

"You will get band4 because I had prayed for you at Mecca, InsyaAllah!! "
and that soothed my feelings a little bit..

But things happened, happened!! I got band3 and my feet like not in the earth anymore!!
How can it happened!! What's wrong...maybe I'm not work hard enough!! maybe..
And I began to doubt about the it not accepted?? how can?? but I thought positively, maybe Allah will give me at the right time~ Husnu Zhon!!

But something happened today~
KPT had changed the rules after a lot considerations and to enter SMSU you only need Band3 BUT your English result for SPM must be A- and above. If you get B+ and below you HAVE to get Band4 no matter what!! ( eventhough it's not fair enough).

And now, this time Allah had proved that He approved my duaa and many my friends are qualified to enter SMSU. Allah didn't makbul my previous duaa but He gives something more better and the best!!

Never lose hope to Allah!!

Thank you Allah~


amierul said...

That's why I said before right..=)

Siti Asma Bt. Mohd. Noor said... always right~

RedMasasa said...

hhehe,alhamdulillah :)))))