Saturday, January 14, 2017

HELLO 2017!

Today is 15th  January 2017. Yes 2017!! I can't believe how time flies soo fast. It feels so amazing yet so scary at the same time. I have a new resolution for this year, to make myself write more often (also read! ;p) because I am an English Teacher. Yes, I'm a teacher and I cant let my English become rusty as I do not use that language much since I already graduated. Alhamdulillah I have successfully graduated from my university and I am no longer a student. So no more studying law in English, read cases and assignment. Woohoo no more. But it makes me worry sometimes as the process of formally learning had stopped. Of course we are always learning as the life goes on. But the seriousness and formality is gone. That makes me think to continue and pursue my study as Master student. Yeah but not now. I will be a teacher for a few years and prepare to be a student one more time. 

I have to admit, I miss to be a student. 

And I have to let go something that I think important to me. Because it turns out its not that important anymore and I have to be brave to change. I believe something more valuable will come on my way. I wish that the right thing I do, and thing that what I should do. To feel more happy and content with my life. Insha-Allah. May Allah ease this, Allah helps me to be stronger and be more useful woman to society and Ummah. Ameen.

Then, see u guys again in my next post. Hopefully soon. =)

With my mom on my graduation day.

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