Friday, May 15, 2015


Loving someone isn't something that u enjoy much... u will fell like u are the happiest person in this world.. u will think that everything feels alright and true.. but in the end, because of sooo much expectations that we are hoping for, we becomes easily upset about small things which we don't really care at all in the past.. It gives u pain also the cure, hell also the heaven..

U feel happy? It won't last long.. believe me.. it won't. There's no happily ever after. We live in a modern fairytale, no happy ending,  no wind in our sail. Yeah Salena's song..

I wish I love someone and only one that I won't lose anything when I pour all my heart towards him, instead it's something honorable to do so;  which is my Future Husband that I never meet. Haha.

Sorry my English.. this is basically just a random writing about something unimportant lol..

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