Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Last weekend, I had participated a motivation camp organize by youth associations build human. At first, it dead boring but proven the camp is deeply interesting..

First day

Today not exist great deal of activity because us arrived at the camp Hanifa,Gopeng late afternoon. So, we only installing tent. But to our night time brighten up with activity challenge mind. We divided to several group and accept paper mahjong for each group. We instruct to draw our desire island right greatness of islam on it. From this activity I realized that a country of islam, between governance and religion could not be separated. For example, local mosque just for pray while administrative center in place of another. Islam is syumul. Complete in our life. Very complete.

Second day

This day we expose on the flow (science or sastera) that need we choose to receive next year (form 4). With Ibnu Sina as source of inspiration, we are told that make religion as core education first. Or fardhu ain first and then fardhu kifayah.
In the afternoon, we instruct to build ship puppet using paper mahjong. We also have to list all our supply if we are in long voyage to 'Benua Tunggal'. At last, we know what the meaning of this activity. Our life is like voyage and our world this temporary transit parable to 'akhirat'. And our supply is our 'ibadah' to Allah.

Third day

Today is the day most challenging activities. After marching we go to jungle tracking at nearby jungle. But we have to cross through the very swift river. During our trip in the jungle, we are doing practical of tayammum and took up whudu' use of water as many as one glass. After that we are doing Dhuha solah.

During the journey return, we have to across swifter river even more swift from pictures above.
We only prepared a string to avoid we drift. Now I realized something. The swift river like 'jahilliyah' and the string like our 'akidah' and 'iman'. If we not strong enough we will drift into 'jahilliyah' and will reach the end; HELL.

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aufa zinnirah said...

Tyme nih i kump ngan u!!
rndu sngt tyme2 dulu.. T_T
btul2 mnaikkan smngat..
abng2 n kakak2 fc pun best2..